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Unwanted Solicitors? Know Your Rights

The Village of Mundelein frequently receives questions regarding persons going door-to-door and soliciting. Please review the following FAQ's regarding door-to-door solicitors:

Does Mundelein regulate door-to-door solicitors?
Yes. Solicitors within the Village of Mundelein must first apply for and be approved for a Solicitor ID to solicit within the Village. Solicitors must also adhere to specific guidelines and rules regulating door-to-door solicitation.

Do solicitors need to identify themselves?
Yes. All approved solicitors in the Village of Mundelein receive a Solicitor ID which includes photo identification. All solicitors approved by the Village should be able to provide their Solicitor ID when asked. If they are unable to provide this identification, do not hesitate to call the Mundelein Police Department at 847-968-4600 to report them.

Why can't Mundelein ban door-to-door solicitors?
The First Amendment and the U.S. Constitution protect the rights of door-to-door solicitors and preclude the ability of a community to ban door-to-door sales. The U.S. Supreme Court has upheld free speech for commercial purposes and the Village's ability to restrict commercial door-to-door solicitation is limited to local regulations restricting the time, place and manner of door-to-door solicitations. Homeowners and occupants, however, do have the ultimate right to determine whether solicitors shall or shall not be invited to their residences or property.

Where can I find a "no solicitors" sign?
The Village of Mundelein provides FREE pre-printed "no solicitor" signs to residents. For more information about these signs and how to obtain them, please click here. With or without a sign, residents should not ever be afraid to exercise boundaries with solicitors by refusing to answer their door or by politely stating "no thank you" or "not interested" and shutting and locking the door.

The solicitor who came to my home was pushy and rude. Is there something the Village can do?
The Village of Mundelein does not directly regulate demeanor or style of individual sales, employees or solicitors. Do keep in mind that, as a homeowner or occupant, you may ask a solicitor to leave your property at any time and if they refuse, assistance from the Police Department is available to you. Every resident has the right to feel secure in their own home and should you ever feel threatened or unsafe based upon the behavior of a solicitor or peddler, please contact the Police immediately. Further, citizens who feel they have been the victim of unlawful solicitation or believe a solicitor is violating the law are urged to contact the police immediately so that officers may locate the individuals involved and investigate.

When is it appropriate to call the police regarding solicitors in my area?
Residents should contact the Police Department if they have any concerns about solicitation in their neighborhood. If the solicitor: (1) does not have proper Village Approved Solicitor Identification, (2) does have a valid Village Solicitor ID but is misrepresenting themselves (i.e. stating they are working with or from the Village), (3) ignore a posted “No Solicitation” sign, and/or (4) have been asked to leave but refused, please contact the Mundelein Police Department at 847-968-4600 immediately. If you feel that you are unsafe or in danger, please call 911.

What about energy providers and alternate residential energy supplier solicitors?
Residents should be specifically aware of door-to-door energy supplier sales and solicitations. The Village of Mundelein does not send people door-to-door to register for the supply of alternate energy. The Village encourages residents who wish to sign-up with their own energy provider to initiate first contact with the provider after comparing all rates and options.

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