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Mundelein Historical Commission Shares a “Behind the Scenes” Look at Recent Accomplishments

The Mundelein Historical Commission, in partnership with the Mundelein Park District, is in the process of preparing to reopen to the public the Mundelein Heritage Museum, located at 621 Noel Drive, at a date yet to be determined.

Here’s a brief “Behind the Scenes” look at some of the commission’s activities:

 Reorganizing the museum's archival files;
 Preparing a “Collection Management Policy” governing museum operations;
 Visiting other local history museums in Lake County;
 Prepared a written report for the Village Board of the commission’s goals, objectives and recommendations, as required by ordinance;
 Completed a variety of organizational tasks necessary to open the museum for public viewing;
 Continued to move items to off-site storage;
 Photographing, inventorying, and assessing the collection;
 Currently developing a volunteer/friends of the museum support system;
 Reaching out to schools for input in program development;
 Continue to catalog collection items and moving some items to off-site storage. Primary focus at the moment is on the "Freight Room;"
 Prepared the "Ladies Waiting Room" and the "Office" for painting. Once the painting projects are complete, the plan is to make the Ladies Waiting Room the temporary exhibit area and organize the Office as it may have looked when it was in use by the Soo Line. The main display room and the exterior of the building are scheduled for painting in the Spring, 2020.

The next Commission meeting will take place on November 6 at 6:30 p.m. in the Village Hall. Everyone is welcome to attend.

In other news, many residents have inquired about how to acquire a brick from the old Village Hall. The commission has not yet made a decision on this process, however, this matter is still under discussion and a final announcement will be made in regards to securing a legacy brick in the near future.

The commission also has received a number of inquiries regarding donations to the museum. At the November meeting, the commission hopes to finalize its new "Deed of Gift" forms. In the near future, there will be a process in place. Donated items must aligned with the Museum's Mission, be approved by the Historical Commission, and accepted by the Mundelein Park District Board.

According to Commission Chair Mike Flynn, in the upcoming months the Historical Commission’s primary focus will be completing the collection inventory. “We can really use help with this task. We use Excel software in the Office 365 environment. Anyone who is familiar with this software and might be interested in assisting are asked to contact the Village Hall. Also, a subset of the cataloging project, is labeling each item in the collection. We have this work to look forward to once the inventory is completed. Volunteers are always welcome,” Flynn said.

“A key discussion topic at the November meeting will be soliciting ideas for Temporary Exhibits. The community’s thoughts are welcome on this topic. Please contact anyone on the Commission or stop by the meeting. Researching and organizing these exhibits will be our first foray into the art of museum curation,” he explained.

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