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Mayor Lentz Hosts Fifth Annual State of the Village Presentation

Mayor Steve Lentz recently hosted the Fifth Annual "State of the Village" presentation to offer residents an inside look at Mundelein’s 2018 vision. This year’s meeting took a broader perspective of the Village and focused on accomplishments, challenges, business development activity, and Mundelein’s future outlook. Mayor Lentz addressed residents in the board room and through live stream technology immediately preceding the regularly scheduled Board Meeting.

In addition to Mayor Lentz, the Mundelein Board of Trustees, Village Clerk, Economic Development Commission, the Planning and Zoning Commission, Village Administrator, and Department Heads were on-hand at the meeting to address resident questions.

This year, the “State of the Village” presentation started with a “Top Ten” list of the Mayor and Board of Trustees most pressing issues and focus areas.

The “Top Ten” list includes:

1. Flood Control and Downtown Revitalization
2. New Public Works and Engineering Facility
3. Lake Street Park on Diamond Lake
4. Recycling Plant Redevelopment Opportunity
5. East Hawley Street Redesign
6. Sign Code Update Progress
7. Dispatch Consolidation
8. Gateway Monument Signs
9. Long-Range Plan Update
10. 2020 Capital Plan

“Better informed residents become advocates for the Village, so sharing information about Mundelein’s accomplishments and strategic plans is one of my primary goals in regards to the State of the Village address. We are optimistic about the changes that are taking place throughout Mundelein and we believe we are moving the Village forward on a number of important fronts,” said Steve Lentz, Mayor.

“Many positive initiatives are underway behind the scenes and I want our residents to be aware of these activities. This is a great way to build a sense of community and partnership,” he added.

At the meeting Mayor Lentz also acknowledged Mundelein’s challenges and stressed that awareness is the first step in tackling some of the Village’s most pressing issues. “We’re very well aware of our weak areas and we have strategies in place to address these issues. We see our weaknesses as opportunities,” he said.

“Informed residents are optimistic residents. By providing residents with information about Mundelein economics, we’re creating informed optimists and community partners in promoting our Village,” Mayor Lentz concluded.

Share our pride…View the complete presentation here:

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