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Groot Industries Announces Contractual 2019 Rate Increase for Residential Garbage, Recycling Collection

In partnership with the Village of Mundelein, Groot Industries announced a contractual 2% rate increase for residential garbage and recycling collection services. The rate increase will go into effect on October 1, 2019. Mundelein residents who have questions about this adjustment can call Groot Customer Service at 877-404-7668.

Please review the rate changes below:

Refuse/Recycling Current Rate Adjusted Rate
Unlimited Curb $22.47 $22.92
Senior Curb $20.23 $20.63
Limited Curb $18.47 $18.84
Senior Limited Curb $16.63 $16.96
Recycling Only $7.85 $8.01
Refuse Sticker $2.65 $2.70
Multi-Family Per Unit $9.12 $9.30
Yard Waste (Annual) $106.14 $108.26
Yard Waste (Sticker) $2.65 $2.70

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