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Eat. Drink. Buy Local.

The Village of Mundelein encourages residents to support local businesses and “Think Mundelein First.” When Mundelein residents shop locally the sales tax dollars generated are returned to the Village enabling the Village to provide public services including: police, fire, public works, snow removal, waste removal, and other valuable village services. The Village of Mundelein generated over $500 million in retail sales in 2014 resulting in approximately $9 million in sales tax revenue, the highest amount since 2008. In 2013, retail sales were $474 million resulting in approximately $8.1 million in sales tax revenue. Also, supporting local Mundelein businesses also creates jobs in your community and keeps Mundelein a strong and vibrant place to live.

Our local businesses take pride in the Village of Mundelein and support schools, little league sports teams, charitable organizations, and churches. Most of these organizations are dependent upon local businesses for volunteers, charitable donations, goods, and services. By supporting your local businesses you are also supporting other community organizations and charities.

According to Village of Mundelein officials, if just half of Mundelein’s population spent $50 each month at Mundelein’s businesses, their purchases would generate more than $9 million per year in sales for area businesses, and nearly $200,000 in sales tax revenues for the Village.
If more people chose to spend money elsewhere, the Village would have to look for alternative sources of income in order to maintain the base level of services provided today.

For a complete listing of all Mundelein businesses click on the link below, then select the shopping, dining, or service category you’re seeking.

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