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Garbage and Recycling

Village of Mundelein Solid Waste and Recycling Program
The Village of Mundelein has an exclusive residential solid waste collection and recycling agreement with Groot Industries, Inc. for all single family residences and duplexes.

Under this agreement, residents are provided a 95-gallon cart for garbage collection and a 65-gallon cart for recycling. Garbage, landscape waste and recycling will be picked up once a week. Landscape waste is collected from April 1 to November 30.

While electronic materials are not permitted in landfills, Groot now collects electronic waste at the curb at no additional charge. Residents wishing to recycle such items should call Groot to schedule a date and time for collection.

Different trucks collect the three types of materials—garbage, landscape waste, and recyclables. The solid waste contract provides five collection options: unlimited collection, limited collection, senior unlimited collection, senior limited collection, or pay by the bag collection. The details of each option are noted below. Refuse and recycling carts should be placed four feet apart at the curbside to facilitate automatic collection. Automatic collection allows faster service, which helps to keep collection costs down.

Single-family residents may choose a 95-gallon cart for recycling and a 65-gallon cart for garbage. If you select the larger recycling container you must take the small garbage cart. To select the larger recycling cart, free of charge, call Groot Industries at 800-244-1977. If you choose to return to the small recycling cart and large garbage cart there will be a $25.00 service charge applied. Additional bulk items require a green refuse sticker. Debris in excess of one cubic yard will not be collected until the customer is provided a cost estimate from Groot.

Single Family Garbage Collection
Residents may choose from three garbage collection service options effective October 1, 2019:
  • Unlimited Standard Refuse Service ($22.92/month): Unlimited collection plus loose items less than 1 cubic yard and 1 bulk item not over 50 lbs. One bulk item will be collected each week for no additional charge. Service also includes weekly collection of Recyclable Materials in a 65-gallon cart (or a 95-gallon if if chosen).
  • Limited Refuse Service ($18.84/month): A limited refuse, reduced price collection program available to residents who produce less garbage on a weekly basis. This option enables customers to choose a 65-gallon container instead of a 95-gallon container for a lower price. The program includes one bulk item (50 pound maximum) per week for collection included in the price
  • Senior Unlimited Service ($20.63/month): Residents 65 and older, including age-restricted communities, are eligible for two 35-gallon carts for municipal waste and recyclables. Seniors not in an age-restricted community must be registered as a senior in the Village water billing system. Bulk items will be collected for an additional charge.
  • Senior Limited Program ($16.96/month): This option lets senior customers choose a 35-gallon cart for refuse only and does not allow for bulk item collection. Additional refuse found outside the cart will require one prepaid refuse sticker to be affixed to each container or bag not to exceed 33 gallons
  • Pay-Per-Bag with Recycling ($2.70 per tag, $8.01/month for recycling): Residents only pay for monthly recycling, and one tag would be required for each container of waste. Containers must be in plastic bags up to 33 gallon capacity or metal/plastic cans up to 33 gallon capacity and not over 50 pounds. Bulk items will be collected for an additional charge.
To choose any of these programs, contact Groot Industries at 800-244-1977.
Multi-Family Garbage Collection
Multi-Family Complexes: Starting May 2, 2013 all multi-family complexes of two units or more with containerized collection will be provided recycling collection by Groot Industries. Groot Industries will work with complex owners to provide the right size container for recycling. The recycling materials collected at multi-family units, is the same as single-family.
Special Pickup - Single or Multi-Family
  • Residents may arrange for collection of oversized/overweight items and construction demolition debris by obtaining a quote from Groot prior to collection. Construction demolition debris in excess of one cubic yard must be cut to no more than 4 feet in length and no larger than 2 feet in diameter, must be bagged or bundled, and not exceed 45 pounds.
  • Appliances
  • White goods and appliances with the freon removed will be picked up for a charge of $30.00.
Days and Hours of Collection
Starting time for pickup will commence no earlier than 6:00 a.m., and end no later than 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays (holidays excluded) depending on your service area. All materials must be placed curbside at your residence between 6:00 p.m. the evening before and 6:00 a.m. on the day of collection.
Holiday Collection
The following holidays will affect the regularly scheduled collections:
  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
If the holiday falls on or before your scheduled day of collection, service will be delayed by one day for the remainder of the holiday week. If the holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday will be an off day with service delayed one day the remainder of the week.
Recyclable Materials
Recycling is collected once a week, the same day as refuse collection.
  • Free to customers who use the residential unlimited or senior unlimited program. Otherwise, $8.01/month for recyclable materials service.
  • 65-gallon (unlimited) or 35-gallon (senior) carts are included with unlimited service.
The following recyclable materials can be commingled in the carts:
  • Aluminum, steel, and tin cans
  • Glass jars and bottles
  • Empty aerosol cans
  • Plastics #2-5 (milk jugs, water/pop bottles, laundry detergent bottles, etc.)
  • Paper products: Junk mail, magazines, newspaper, office paper, phone books, cardboard, and chipboard (cereal boxes)
Rinse all bottles, cans and containers. Do not remove plastic lids and place in the garbage. Labels do not need to removed from glass, plastic or metal containers.

E-Waste Collection: Groot now collects electronic waste at the curb at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. Residents wishing to recycle such items should call Groot (877-40-GROOT) to schedule a date and time for collection.

Further information regarding acceptable recycling materials is available in the Mundelein Green Practices Recycling Guidelines.
Landscape Waste
Landscape waste is collected once a week from April 1st through November 30th. Residents have two options for landscape waste disposal:
  • Landscape Waste Stickers-Residents who have limited volumes of landscape waste have the option to purchase a purple sticker and place the sticker on either a 33-gallon or smaller can, a biodegradable landscape waste bag, or a bundle of brush/branches. Stickers are available for $2.70 each at the following locations:
    • Ace Hardware (609 E. Hawley St.)
    • Jewel (1501 S. Lake St.)
    • True Value (516 N. Seymour)
    • Village Hall (300 Plaza Circle)
  • Landscape Waste Subscription Service-Residents who generate higher volumes of landscape waste have the option to sign up for the subscription program, which allows up to four biodegradable bags or 35-gallon cans of yard waste per week. The cost is $108.26 for the 2019 season.
(With either option, tree limbs, branches or brush must be cut to no more than 4 feet in length, bundled no greater than 1 foot in diameter, and not exceed 50 pounds each).
Curbside Leaf Collection
The Village's annual leaf collection program begins in October and runs (weather permitting) until the beginning of December. Please note that the leaf collection may end sooner if all leaves are collected. Residents should remember to rake leaves onto the parkway grass next to curb. Leaves should not be raked into the roadway or cover any storm sewer inlets/catch basins. After the leaf curbside collection has ended, the next opportunity to dispose of leaves would be via normal yard waste collection procedures which begin in Spring (April 1st).
Payment Options
  • Residents may pay online at utilizing two options:
    • Online bill payment program. You must register as a user. You will receive a User ID and password to log into your account. You can then make payments to your account using either a checking account or credit card.
    • Convenient automatic payment program. This program allows you to register your credit card with Groot. Your payment amount will then be charged to your credit card on the appropriate date. Notification of your payment will be emailed to you on the following day.
  • Pay by check using return envelope.
  • Pay over the phone with the assistance of a customer service representative at (877) 404-7668.
  • Use the convenient payment box at Ace Hardware, 609 East Hawley St.
Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How will I be billed?
A. Billing will be quarterly - April, July, October and January.
Q. To whom does the Senior rate apply?
A. Residents 65 and older, including age-restricted communities. Seniors must be registered for the Village senior water rate in order to be eligible for the senior garbage rate.
Q. Why would I want to use the bag and tag program?
A. If you dispose of less than one 33-gallon can or bag per week, or you are gone for extended periods of time, you can save money using the bag and tag program. You would only pay $8.01 per month minimum and $2.70 per tag.
Q. Where are tags available?
A. Tags will be available at the following locations: Ace Hardware, 609 E. Hawley St.; Jewel, 1501 S. Lake St. ; True Value, 516 N. Seymour Ave.; Village Hall, 300 Plaza Circle.
Q. What is a bulk item?
A. A bulk item is a larger item that will not fit in a garbage container, such as couch, chair, exercise equipment, bicycle, etc., or up to one cubic yard of construction material.
Q. Is the Spring Cleanup still available?
A. Yes, Spring Cleanup will be held for two weeks in May.
Q. Will Christmas Trees be recycled?
A. Yes, Christmas Trees will be collected curbside until January 31st.
Q. Why must my refuse and recycling cart be four feet apart at the curbside?
A. Groot utilizes fully automated collection vehicles that use robotic arms to pick up and dump the carts. Residents are also requested to keep the carts away from mailboxes and any other object that may hinder automated collection.