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Streets Division

Streets/Forestry - Craig Schaul, Street Division Superintendent

During the spring, summer and fall seasons, this division’s primary duties include in-house resurfacing projects for nearly 105 centerline miles of roads, sidewalk and parking lot maintenance, street sweeping, street sign repairs, parkway tree trimming and removals, mowing of Village property and rights-of-way, and downtown maintenance. Winter requires the Street Maintenance division to focus its efforts on salting and plowing Village maintained streets to ensure safe driving conditions for all vehicles. Mundelein crews are renowned for their excellence in snow and ice control operations.

Local Highways

While Village crews are responsible for the local roads, the State (IDOT) and County (LCDOT) manage the maintenance of the highways and arterial roads throughout the Village. The table below shows the responsibility for each of the jurisdictional entities. Each entity can be contacted through the links listed below.

Roadway Responsible Entity
US Route 45 (Lake Street) IDOT
Illinois Route 60 (Townline Road) IDOT
Illinois Route 83 IDOT
Illinois Route 176 (Maple Street) IDOT
Midlothian Road IDOT
Winchester Road LCDOT
Butterfield Road LCDOT
Hawley Street (Route 45 to 83) LCDOT